Our Vision

Increase college and university retention rates among AB540 and DACA students and encourage awareness of higher education within our communities.

Who are we?


Accomplish the Dream Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization instituted to increase college and university retention among DREAMers in California. Our plan is to provide initial financial support and assist students throughout their four years of higher education.


We understand that college may appear very challenging at times. Therefore, our purpose is to serve our students as mentors to whom they can reach out for advice and assistance throughout their college career.

Our Directors & Officers

President & Co-Founder:

Nicolas Avila

Chief Financial Officer & Co-Founder: 

Andy Hernandez

Technical Systems Engineer & Co-Founder: 

Eduardo Avila

Outreach & Development Officer: 

Yesenia Jimenez

Creative Director & Grant Coordinator: 

Roberto Avila

Past-President & Co-Founder: 

Alejandro Barragan

Our Goals


To offer practical support to AB 540 students entering college.  Our students have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and have overcome many obstacles on their way to reach a higher education, but can find the college process unfamiliar and confusing.

To encourage AB-540 students to pursue post-secondary education goals.

To improve retention among AB-540 / DACA / DREAMers in college.